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FYI: Hey! I'm Ali Bolouki but you can call me Inexorable (Inexorable means imposible to stop). I am web designer & video editor This is my personal website. I will put more content a.s.a.p.














Some books that I highly recomed it

  • This is a book called can't hurt me
    A Page-turner & best-seller that can change your mentallity. This autobiography is about the strongest man on a planet.
  • This is a book called 7 stratigies for wealth and happiness
    An amzing non-fiction by mentor of masters Mr. Jim Rohn. If you want to make money & be happy you should read this self-help book.
  • This is a book called twelve pillars
    A fast read fiction by Mr. Jim Rohn & Chris Widener. This book show you a way.
  • This is a book called the season of life
    A dazzling book written by Mr. Jim Rohn. It teach you how to work on difference seasons.
  • This is a book think and grow rich
    There is a secret in this book. Written by Mr. Naboleon Hill. Meanwhile, it is hard to follow.
  • This is a book building your network marketing business
    A best-seller by Mr. Brian Tracy. It helps you to be concentrate on your goal.

Mr. Elon Musk

He is the richest person in the world. Elon Musk is the CEO of "Teslla" and the founder of "SpaceX".
His wealth is $188 billion till Jun 7, 2021. It rising eveyday.

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Mr. David Goggins

People describ him as the thoughest human on the planet. He is retired Navy Seal.
David Goggines has tried HEAL WEEK for 3 times. Also he has some records like 4030 push-ups in just 17 hours.

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Mr. David Blaine

He is not just a magician. He has set and broken some several world records, like: Buried Alive, Frozen in Time, Vertigo, Above the Below, Drowned Alive, Revolution, Dive of Death, etc.

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